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New Guests


"My goal as your hair specialist is to create the healthiest, most statement-worthy, multi-dimensional color and style to suit your unique needs." 

First thing is first -

You are probably here for a few reasons, you either found me on Instagram, a friend referred you, or you’ve been looking for the perfect hairstylist to give you the Pinterest worthy hair you’ve been dreaming of.  Whether that means creating the perfect dimension or getting rid of the “brass” you’re in the right place.

Because this will be my first time doing your hair, I do require we book your appointment as a New Guest Service Session.  I do this to ensure we have plenty of time and that you have my undivided attention. 

Pricing is broken down into 3 different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service or look to book. The more time booked, the more we can achieve in one session as long as optimal color conditions apply.

You are always welcome to book a complimentary consultation, but it is not required and will not affect future booking.


When you arrive -

When you walk through the door of Dolce Vita you'll need to go up the stairs to the second floor, and then take the first left, then right, then left until you see the Color Me Blond studio sign.  As you take your first steps into my studio you will be greeted with a big smile and hello by me, Hannah.


Arriving five to ten minutes early to your appointment will give you time to grab a magazine and enjoy one of our premium drinks or scrumptious snacks.

I pride myself on running on-schedule because I know your time is valuable, so while you're waiting, please sip on some wine, make yourself cozy and take in the sights and smells of your new salon home.

The consultation -

You'll notice during the booking process that there is a consultation form that I will have you fill out.


At the beginning of your appointment we'll sit down and chat about everything on that form plus more. We'll talk about your hair dreams and worst nightmares, as well as take a look at some inspiration photos so I can get an idea of the things you do and do not like.

From there we'll go over what's obtainable for you, the level of maintenance involved in the look you desire, and how to style and care for your new look at home.  Essentially how we will get what you want to work for you.

After we both have a clear goal for the day's appointment, I'll walk you through a customize hair plan just for you based on your hair's wants and needs, so we can start to think about what services to book in the future.

Then, we'll get started!


Making magic happen -

Once I have a detailed hair plan in place, I will get to work!


Every one of my custom color formulas includes a bond builder to protect, strengthen, and improve the color retention of your hair.  We'll record all processes and formulas in a color profile so we can recreate all that you love and continue to perfect your perfect color palette time and time again.

Also included with every one of my custom color appointments is a complimentary conditioning treatment.  This treatment helps to keep your color how you want it for longer in-between color appointments.  It also gives your hair the much needed protein and moisture that it may have lost during the coloring process.

Added to the experience -

Here's a list of things you'll also get to enjoy as a Color Me Blond guest:

  • Relaxing neck massage and moisturizing hand treatment while your color processes 

  • Lunch (optional; for appointments spanning 5 hours or more)

  • Premium wine, Keurig coffee and hot chocolate, gourmet chocolates, and scrumptious healthy snack options

  • TV at the shampoo bowl so you can catch up on your latest Netflix addiction

  • A spacious, light, bright, and modern atmosphere

  • Exclusive and high performing hair care products

  • Free wifi and Apple device chargers

  • Service bonuses for referring your friends

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